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Are you looking to hire an experienced property management company in Anne Arundel County, Maryland? McKenna & Vane has you covered! 

We are experts in managing rentals and have provided property management services in many different Maryland countries and property types. Over the years, our property management services have helped landlords in Columbia, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Eldersburg and Sykesville, Ellicott City, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Hanover, Howard County, Montgomery County and Mount Airy.

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If you're on the hunt for the right property manager in the Baltimore-Washington region, you're likely feeling overwhelmed by the many options on your plate. Not only do you need to find a partner who can eliminate the stress associated with property ownership, but you also want a manager who will maximize your income, keep your tenants happy, and ensure the long-term health of your home. At Mckenna & Vane Property Management, we employ a talented team of local real estate experts. If you own property in Howard, Frederick, Carroll or Montgomery Counties, you need our expertise on your side. We constantly monitor local housing trends and use tenant feedback to make adjustments to our management strategy. Isn't it time to experience the benefit of professional management for yourself?

With our cutting-edge technology, McKenna & Vane is proven to help your rental properties succeed under our property management. By keeping up to date with the latest trends and strategies in property management, our goal is to make your Anne Arundel County rental property outshine competitors. Being proud members of Realtor and NARPM, we are transparent in our processes and are dedicated to our customer service.

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Your Anne Arundel County rental properties will be given superior marketing, maintenance and tenant screening. Our property management company just choose any available tenant, either! We strive to provide you with consistently respectful tenants who pay rent on time. As such, our property management helps minimize your vacancies and maximize your profits. Our property management services in Anne Arundel County have a firm record of success. 

By working with a property manager, we'll take the pressure of property management off your shoulders. You'll have more free time while making a steady return on your Anne Arundel County investment. Schedule a free rental analysis with us at 410-381-3336! We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

McKenna & Vane Property Management

Here at McKenna & Vane, we strive to keep your Anne Arundel County, Maryland real estate property in its top performance. Our complete property management services are behind this property success. We have trusted partners and vendors to maintain your property. Additionally, we screen tenants thoroughly so your rent is collected without hassle.

Ultimately, McKenna & Vane offers you both top-quality customer service and proven results! Our property management company in Anne Arundel County is reliable and effective, offering you peace of mind. 

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Property Marketing

Marketing your Anne Arundel County rental property is time-consuming for property investors, even more so than handling maintenance and tenant requests! That's where McKenna & Vane can help. Effectively marketing your property is vital for its success. As part of our property management services, we dedicate our time to ensure your Anne Arundel property is seen by as many prospective tenants as possible. 

Through rental analysis, we find the best pricing for your properties. Using our advanced marketing strategies, we then promote your properties on digital listing sites for the targeted demographic. By doing this, we find the best candidates for your properties and avoid financial draining from vacant units.

Tenant Screening

As a property owner, finding the right tenants for your properties is vital for their success. Here at McKenna & Vane, we take this very seriously to provide you with the best rental results in Anne Arundel County.

One of our property management services is conducting interviews to find the most fitting prospective tenants for your properties and following this with extensive background checks. This includes financial history, rental history, and any potential criminal history. This way, you'll greatly lower the risk of problem tenants.

Rent Collection

Collecting rent on time, every time, is not an easy task. This can be a constant stressor looming over property owners. By hiring McKenna & Vane, we'll cover this daunting task for you! Under our property management, you'll consistently earn a reliable income from your Anne Arundel County rental property. Our reputable history in the property management business can attest to this. 

So, how do we collect rent on time? Our rent collection system relies on a tech-driven approach that quickly identifies what is due and when. Through this setup, we issue receipts for rent payment as well as transferring your investment earnings. Even late fees are handled smoothly!


All Anne Arundel County landlords know that, when you have a property, you are bound to have routine maintenance on it. Maintenance or repair requests are also one of the most common tenant complaints. Ensuring that they're handled quickly and effectively is essential for retaining tenants. As such, McKenna & Vane greatly values this aspect of property management. 

Our property managers have long-standing relationships with vendors and service providers in Anne Arundel County. When a tenant notifies us about a problem that comes up, they are quick to fix it. Knowing that your property is in good hands will take away a huge amount of stress as a landlord.

Financial Reporting

Transparency is important between a landlord and their property manager. At McKenna & Vane, we wish to support our clients with the best customer service. As a result, you'll have complete access to your financial records. Landlords have an online portal that can be reached at any time. By being well-established in the property management business, we can provide you with top online resources to make things easier for you. 

Additionally, you can rely on us to keep an eye on your Anne Arundel County property's performance to make sure it's maintaining its success! Our property management has your best interests at heart. 

About Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Anne Arundel County is located in Maryland with a population of around 540,000 residents. The county has a great deal of historical importance. It was named after Lady Anne Arundel, a member of a prominent British family from Cornwall. Lady Anne Arundel was the wife of Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore, who happened to be the founder of the Province of Maryland in 1632. 

It's not only in its founding that Anne Arundel County has historical importance, either! County residents can enjoy living in an area that was significant to many different historic events. For example, the first naval battle to occur in America, the Battle of Severn, was in Anne Arundel county. Anne Arundel is even on the National Register of Historic Places!

Here are some of the things residents can enjoy by living in Anne Arundel County:

  • The Maryland State House
  • Colonial Annapolis Historic District
  • Baltimore and Annapolis Trail
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival
  • Downs Park

Source: Wikipedia

Why Choose Us Over other property management companies in maryland

We Use Powerful Technology

Some Anne Arundel County property management companies try to juggle a portfolio of homes with outdated tech from the last century, but we take a different approach. Our powerful management backend helps us stay efficient, cut down on response time, and ultimately, earn you more. Property management in Maryland is now in the 21st century.

Unbeatable Customer Service

When it comes to providing the best customer service, we won't be beat. As your property management company, we want to make working with us as easy as possible. We answer calls and emails, and we're always happy to provide property owners with guidance on how to maximize their rental properties potential.

We Partner with Great Vendors

If something goes wrong in your Anne Arundel County rental property, you don't want just anybody to fix it. We've built relationships with some of the area's best service providers, and our vendors work quickly to get the job done right from the outset. We even enjoy lower rates with some contractors-savings that get passed along to you.

You'll Love Our Experience

Instead of taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best, we use proven management strategies to get the most out of your rental property. We've helped countless homeowners across suburban Maryland to get results for their properties and can't wait to do the same for you.

Learn how we can help you maximize your home's potential.

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