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Searching for a trusted and reliable residential property management business in Frederick, MD? McKenna & Vane has you covered! As one of the top property management companies in Frederick, we have your back.

We strongly believe in using the most up-to-date technologies to provide your Frederick rental with the most effective management. By doing this in combination with staying on top of market trends and strategies, we service your property at a competitive level. 

We are proud to be members of Realtor and NARPM and value dedicated customer service and transparent rental management. Your Frederick property will benefit from our Frederick property management services such as marketing, tenant screening, property maintenance and detailed financial reporting. As your management team, we aim to have your rental properties occupied quickly and with dependable tenants. 

With everyone from reputable real estate agents to real estate professionals that know their way around the management business, we have you covered!

Over the years, we have managed a wide range of rental properties throughout Maryland. More specifically, we have offered our superior Frederick property management services to the areas of Columbia, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Eldersburg and Sykesville, Ellicott City, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Hanover, Howard County, Montgomery County and Mount Airy.  

Our great business of experienced property managers in Frederick, MD can lighten the stress of managing properties and free up your spare time. Contact us at (301) 703-8608 for a free rental analysis or contact McKenna McKenna & Vane Property Management now at 410-381-3336! We'd be happy to speak with you about any questions you may have.

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McKenna & Vane Property Management

Here at McKenna & Vane Property Management, we have a stellar track record in high-performing investment properties. Our full-service property management company allows for your Frederick property to be at the top of its game. Thanks to our reliable Frederick partners and vendors, your investment property will have proper maintenance, and our services make it quick to be occupied.

It's our goal to maximize the income of investors with consistent success when you rent out your Frederick, MD property! Discover our property management Frederick property management services:

Marketing Your Property

As all property owners know, marketing is a vital part of your rental's success. However, it's one of the most time-consuming elements for a landlord in Frederick County. A market analysis and determining your rental value alone can be hard without help. Marketing can make or break your real estate investment, and that's why McKenna & Vane has proven marketing strategies in place as part of our top tier Frederick property management services. 

We find the ideal price for your rentals through detailed market analysis and use digital platforms to have it be seen by as many prospective tenants as possible. We aim to remove vacancies quickly, and we do this with the best-fitting tenant! We can also make sure you adhere to all the Fair Housing laws.

Tenant Screening

It's one thing to fill vacancies, and it's another to fill them with the right tenants. Problem tenants can cause headaches for property owners as well as a potential drain on finances. That's why our business has extensive screening services in place to give you peace of mind as a property owner. 

Our property managers will find the best candidates in Frederick for your rentals through our tenant screening process as part of our expert services. As experts in the real estate industry, we know how to identify a quality tenant. Our Frederick property management company conducts this through extensive background checks of prospective tenants such as financial history, criminal records and rental history.

We want to make your life as a property owner as smooth as possible; our top tier property management results prove it!

Collecting Rent

Collecting rent from tenants can be a tricky task for Frederick County real estate owners. Luckily, we have you covered with the best property management in the area! As your Frederick property manager, we collect a steady income for you while respecting the tenants in our care. 

This is achieved through our tech-driven rent collection system. Receipts for rent payments, late fees and the transference of your earnings are easy through this approach. You'll no longer have to worry about rent showing up in your bank account.

We also have set standards for collecting and storing the security deposit.

Maintaining Your Rentals

The proper maintenance of your Frederick property ensures that it maintains its value over time. Additionally, maintenance service improves landlord-tenant relationships and keeps you in line with the landlord-tenant laws. As such, our Frederick property management company quickly addresses any maintenance requests and concerns that come up with your real estate investment. 

We've built up a strong partnership with our service providers over the years. Frederick property owners will be reassured in knowing their real estate investment will be cared for under trusted hands! No corners will be cut for our clients when we're your property manager. We also conduct routine property inspections and answer all maintenance issues,always leaving your property in great shape.

Financial Reporting

Here at McKenna & Vane, we greatly value being transparent as your property manager. We want our Frederick clients to feel secure in their real estate investments when it comes to financial reporting.

Because of this, our services include full access to your financial reports through our online owner portal. Our owner portal is available to you 24/7 from any location!

About Frederick, MD

Frederick, MD is an incredibly historic city located in Frederick County. It's positioned on an intersection of important historical trade routes. Today, it has a population of around 65,000 residents, making it Maryland's second-largest incorporated city after Baltimore. The oldest part of the city was ranked as one of the "greatest neighborhoods in the USA" by Forbes magazine in 2010.  

Frederick has its own airport, the Frederick Municipal Airport. It's also home to Fort Derick, a bioscience/communications center for the U.S. Army, which is a significant employer in the area. 

Here are a few of the activities you can enjoy in Frederick, MD: 

  1. A wide range of historic spire churches 
  2. The Maryland Shakespeare festival 
  3. Weinburg Center for the Arts 
  4. The acclaimed Community Bridge 
  5. The Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET)

Why Choose Us Over other Property Management Companies in Maryland

As one of Maryland's top property management companies, we offer extensive property management services and the guidance of our local real estate professionals. Here why you should partner with us to assist with the day to day operations of your rental:

We Use Powerful Technology

Some Anne Arundel County property management companies try to juggle a portfolio of homes with outdated tech from the last century, but we take a different approach. Our powerful management backend helps us stay efficient, cut down on response time, and ultimately, earn you more. Property management in the state is now in the 21st century.

Unbeatable Customer Service

When it comes to providing the best customer service, we won't be beat. As your trusted Frederick property management business, we want to make working with us as easy as possible. We answer calls and emails, and we're always happy to provide property owners with guidance on how to maximize their rental properties potential.

We Partner with Great Vendors

If something goes wrong in your Frederick County rental property, you don't want just anybody to fix it. We've built relationships with some of the area's best service providers, and our vendors work quickly to get the job done right from the outset. We even enjoy lower rates with some contractors-savings that get passed along to you.

You'll Love Our Experience

At McKenna and Vane, managing properties is our bread and butter. From taking over day to day operations like managing bill payments, our excellent service spans the east coast.

Instead of taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best, we use proven management services to get the most out of your rental property. We assist countless homeowners across suburban Maryland in getting results for their properties and can't wait to do the same for you!

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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