Surevestor Insurance

Discover Surevestor Insurance

The ultimate solution for safeguarding your investment. In just a minute, the video above unveils the groundbreaking Landlord Protection Coverage that sets us apart as your local Maryland property management company. Here's a quick overview of the three key benefits tailored for property owners like you:

  • Guaranteed malicious damage coverage caused by tenant (up to $35,000)
  • Guaranteed reimbursement of lost rental income, when tenant doesn't pay
  • Guaranteed coverage of eviction costs, legal defense, sheriff fees and more

This exclusive product is a perk reserved for clients of Professional Property Managers. Partner with McKenna & Vane Property Management today to access this unparalleled Landlord Protection Insurance featuring Rent with Confidence Guarantees.

Rent with Confidence!

Tenant Damage Guarantee covers

Up to $35,000 for malicious damage
Up to $15,000 for theft/damage due to theft

Loss of Rent Guarantees covers

Up to 8 weeks rent if tenant skips
Up to 12 weeks rent for Tenant Delinquency
Up to 12 weeks Tenant Death (sole tenancy)
Up to 25 weeks Tenant murder or suicide
Up to 4 weeks for Victims of violence

Eviction Expense Guarantee covers

Up to $5,000 for eviction filing fee and defense costs if the tenant sues

Policy Benefits, Deductibles & Premium

Loss Of Rent
Arrears at commencement of policy will affect coverage.
Max level of coverage
Tenant Skip (Lease Break)
8 weeks
Tenant Delinquency (Eviction Order granted)
10 weeks
Tenant Delinquency (Writ of Possession obtained)
12 weeks
Tenant Death (sole tenancy)
12 weeks
Tenant murder or suicide
25 weeks
Untenable (due to malicious damage by tenant to the contents)
8 weeks
Victims of violence
4 weeks
Additional Benefits
Max level of coverage
Malicious damage to building and/or contents
Theft or damage due to theft to building and/or contents
Eviction filing fee, Eviction defense costs
Sheriff, Marshall or Constable fees
Loss due to use of Digital Lock Boxes
Service and/or companion animal damage
Re-keying of locks

Annual Premium

Secure your investment with an annual premium of $588, plus state-specific taxes (where applicable). In the unfortunate event of malicious damage or theft, claims will incur a deductible of $1,500 per incident. Loss of rent claims will have a deductible based on the remaining security deposit after allowable releasing expenses have been paid.

Eligibility Criteria

Scheer Landlord Protection Insurance is exclusively available for properties managed by a Professional Property Management Agent, like McKenna & Vane Property Management. Please note that coverage is not applicable to properties with a monthly rent below $1,000 or those situated within the five boroughs of New York City. All claims will be settled based on either the rent specified in the current lease or a maximum monthly rent cover of $3,000. Coverage is subject to Policy Wording conditions, exclusions, and limitations. It's essential to thoroughly review all documents, including Key Facts, policy wording, state-specific fraud warning, and wording relating to contracts with non-admitted surplus lines insurer, to ensure the product aligns with your requirements.

Key Facts About Scheer Landlord Protection Insurance

Please review this information alongside your Invoice/Certificate of Insurance, Policy Benefits Certificate, and Policy Document. This serves as a convenient reference for essential facts regarding your purchased coverage, underwriting criteria, and pertinent conditions. It is not a substitute for the Policy Document and does not encompass every condition; rather, it highlights those questions most commonly asked.

Property Eligibility

The majority of properties qualify for coverage, provided the monthly rent exceeds $1,000 and is fully managed by a professional property management agent. However, coverage is unavailable for properties under a leasing-only arrangement with the agent or those located within the five boroughs of NYC. If you opt to self-manage the property, your insurance becomes void, and you may apply for a pro-rata refund.