End of Tenancy Cleaning

End-of-tenancy cleaning is comprehensively cleaning a rental home before a tenant vacates. In order to ensure that the property is returned in its original condition, it requires cleaning every part of it, including the floors, walls, carpets, furniture, and appliances.

This cleaning aims to restore the home to its prior state so that it can be rented to new residents. You can do it yourself or hire a reputable end-of-tenancy cleaning service. Doing it yourself can frequently be more affordable and provide you the assurance that all the rooms have been cleaned to the necessary standards.

Prepared by McKenna & Vane Property Management, the goal of this guide is to help landlords and property owners understand their responsibilities and rights in relation to an end-of-tenancy clean.

What Exactly are the Elements of an End-of-Tenancy Clean?

It is crucial to keep in mind the fundamental principles of an end-of-tenancy clean, in addition to paying attention to what is specifically mentioned in the lease, any inventory, and any Schedule of Conditions.

Even though a thorough cleaning is required, it allows for reasonable tenant wear and tear, which reflects daily life and any outside influences, such as sunshine entering the window and fading objects, but not things like pet damages.

End-of-tenancy cleaning is an ideal type of spring cleaning regarding what is practically covered and what it entails. Cobwebs, spots near the ceiling, skirting boards, and a picture or dado rails must all be removed before wiping down all surfaces properly.

person cleaning window

Aside from windows, doors, and handles in the kitchen and bathroom, it is important to dust and polish surfaces, furniture such as sideboards and tables, and other items.

Don't forget to empty and clean the trash cans, make sure the exterior areas are swept and orderly, and determine whether you need to hire additional cleaners to do the windows, the entire carpet, or even the oven if it has been left in a bit of a mess.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Specialized End-Of-Tenancy Cleaner?

Selecting a reputable cleaning service ensures a stress-free relocation. There are other items that you need to focus on such a day. In addition, if you hire a professional, the probability of you having deductions on your security deposit decreases.

To perform a thorough deep clean, professional cleaners bring the required tools and high-quality cleaning supplies.

It also implies that they will work more quickly because they have various cleaning tools at their disposal. With the help of a professional, you can make sure there will be no disagreements about how clean the place is, and your landlord will give you an excellent reference.

Can I Take Care of the Cleaning Myself?

If you have the time, the necessary tools, and the appropriate cleaning supplies, you can handle the end-of-tenancy cleaning yourself.

The length of time it takes to complete the cleaning procedure depends on the size of the property, its existing state, and whether it is furnished or unfurnished. Additionally, if you're cleaning by yourself, it will take longer than if several people are helping you.

person sweeping a brown wooden floor

Both the large tasks, like vacuuming and mopping, and the tiny ones require care. Dust is a problem that tenants face when it comes time to vacate because it tends to accumulate everywhere. You might overlook these things while attending to other items on the list, but your landlord or letting agent will pay close attention to them.

If the property's exterior is included in your inventory, take some time to ensure it is complete. Clean up the garden, and eliminate any animal hutches and the waste they leave. Take out any items you may have stored in the garage or shed, such as outdoor furniture, kids' toys, or other items, as you might be responsible for paying for their disposal.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

Tenants should use this comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleaning checklist to ensure they pay attention to everything.

Landlords may use this cleaning checklist when comparing the property to the original inventory report to ensure that the tenant has complied with their commitment. Dealing with dirt and dust is the first step. To prevent this, rooms should be scrubbed from top to bottom.

The most noticeable and intolerable odors in restrooms are mildew and filth. Cleaning the kitchen makes up one-fourth of the work. Carpets are another delicate subject to which you should pay attention.

Check the home's windows, cabinets, drawers, and shelves closely. Before checking off everything on the cleaning checklist, tenants should check their rental agreements to increase their chances of getting their entire deposit back when they move out.

How to Set the Bar for Your End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning

The most frequent cause of deposit disagreements between landlords and tenants is the uncleanliness of the property, but they can be easily prevented.

three people in orange overalls with a vacuum

Rather than relying on subjective notions of cleanliness, the check-in and check-out inventories can be essential tools for defining expectations. A precise evaluation tool for tenants, landlords, and agents is the use of check-in inventory and cleaning schedules.

With the addition of photographs to any textual criticism, everyone can easily observe any discrepancies in cleanliness standards.

This lessens the possibility of disputes, makes it straightforward to deduct money from the security deposit for cleaning if there is a legitimate reason, and eliminates the need for third-party arbitration, saving time and money.


An end-of-tenancy clean is necessary to prepare your property for the next phase, but it also allows you to ensure it is in the same state as before your tenants moved in. Cleaning the entire house can take you a lot of time. That is why hiring cleaning professionals can help you save a lot of time.

McKenna & Vane Property Management can assist you in setting up a qualified end-of-tenancy cleaning service for your home so that you may leave your landlord happy with your stay there. All of our housekeepers know the value of performing a thorough deep clean at the end of a tenancy.

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