Rental Property Marketing Mistakes

It's not always easy being a landlord. Finding quality tenants, maintaining your home, and making a profit is much easier said than done. Most landlords and real estate investors know the importance of marketing in attracting quality tenants to their properties and minimizing vacancy times.

Unfortunately, they risk damaging their chances of success by making several typical errors. In commercial real estate, marketing errors can cost you leads and missed revenue prospects.

We at McKenna & Vane Property Management have compiled a list of marketing mistakes that property managers must avoid at all costs to succeed in real estate investment.

Using Poor-Quality Photos

Your capacity to take and share top-notch pictures of the home will play a significant role in how well you sell your rental property. Being primarily visual beings, humans react to images much more favorably than to textual copy. Additionally, the majority of consumers look through online listings before even registering for an in-person tour.

If pictures of your property aren't clear, they will likely not catch the attention of your tenants, and you'll instantly lose your audience's interest. Instead, it's preferable to work with an experienced photographer to capture a ton of pictures that highlight your unit's best qualities in a favorable light. Good pictures will attract a pool of potential tenants.

You'll want to enhance the curb appeal and interior appeal of your rental property before putting up any pictures. Make sure to keep it welcoming but bare, so tenants can imagine their own things occupying the space and creating their home.

Failure to Create a Property Listing

Making a thorough property listing is one of the most crucial actions you can take as a landlord in your rental property marketing campaign.

This contains comprehensive details about the rental unit, such as its dimensions, cost, facilities, and surrounding area. Lack of adequate property profile creation might result in lesser engagement and longer vacancy times.

person in front of sold sign for house

Many potential tenants may ignore your listing if they lack adequate knowledge of the rental property. Furthermore, updating the profile too slowly can affect your efforts.

Not Researching Your Competition

It's common to become preoccupied with your own rental property business and ignore the competitors. If you don't keep an eye on your rivals, you can miss out on important information that could help you grow your company.

Examine the websites and listings of your rivals to learn how they reach their target market. See if there is anything you can gather from their product lists, website content, or general marketing approach. Your plan can be modified in accordance with the study, giving you the upper hand over them.

Giving False or Incomplete Information

Withholding important information is a common property marketing error. Avoid including insufficient information, such as the address and the number of bedrooms. This information is insufficient to persuade a potential buyer to examine or purchase your home.

You must offer thorough, correct, and current details when marketing your home. Briefly summarize your property, including its highlights and neighboring amenities. Make sure this material is free of spelling and grammar errors.

Failure to do so will let down potential customers, who might not return. This is particularly true if they had their heart set on a specific feature that your house lacks.

Not Giving Your Web Design Enough Attention

Property managers who promote properties online frequently fall into the trap of believing that they can learn web design quickly. The result is that they create websites and landing pages that are extremely uninteresting.

person using a mouse for a computer

Your company's website is its public face, and whether or not prospective homebuyers are interested by it depends, in most circumstances, on how it feels and looks. If your website is boring, fewer visitors will reach out, which means you'll close fewer sales.

Spend money, time, and effort creating a quality website. Even better, you may hire a seasoned site designer to handle it for you.

Not Responding to Requests in a Timely Manner

It's critical to reply as soon as possible to inquiries from prospective tenants and expressions of interest in a rental. Delayed response times may give customers the wrong impression and cause them to hunt for property elsewhere. The occupancy rates and reputation of the hotel may suffer significantly if questions are not answered promptly.

Therefore, it's crucial to prioritize communication and ensure that all questions are swiftly answered because doing so demonstrates your organization and enthusiasm for speaking with the prospect.

Not Pricing Your Property Competitively

If you overprice your property, you may experience more extended vacancy periods and end up needing to make considerable price reductions to find tenants. On the other hand, setting your rental price too low may result in lost revenue.

Price your house competitively if you want to sell it quickly. Make a price comparison between your property and others in the neighborhood.

calculator on paper with writing on it and "competitive pricing" circled in red pen

Additionally, you might hire an appraiser to assess your house and establish its worth. The most accurate price estimate for your home should be your aim. Engage a real estate agent to assist you in setting the ideal selling price for your home.

Lack of Objectives

You can track Key performance metrics from the marketing campaign and adjust your property marketing approach as needed with the help of an objective-driven plan. Spending money on marketing without a clear goal is ineffective.

What are your objectives? Whom are you trying to reach? What marketing messages will be most effective with them, and through which channels? What are your financial limits?

The target market, particular strategic objectives, and the metrics by which success will be judged should all be included in the strategy. Additionally, you should set a goal for the return on investment.

Bottom Line

Real estate marketing is not simple. Don't leave your rental home empty for an extended period of time. Do your homework, have a good marketing strategy, and don't overcharge for your products.

In order to locate a good tenant as quickly as possible, it is crucial to market it well. Additionally, you need to make a strong listing with all the pertinent details a tenant could need. Get in touch with McKenna & Vane Property Management today to know all the best tips and tricks!